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Gyms ‘will get the green light to reopen within days, Boris Johnson to announce

Ministers were last night finalising which sectors will get the go-ahead to restart, but Whitehall sources said health officials were satisfied that indoor gyms were safe to reopen.

How to stop your glasses steaming up – and 19 other essential facts about face masks

How often should you wash a cloth mask? And how effective are the disposable ones? The expert guide to choosing, wearing and caring for your face covering

The British have been slow to embrace face masks, despite calls from public health experts. Uptake has been just 25% in the UK, compared with 83.4% in Italy and 65.8% in the US. The president of the Royal Society, Venki Ramakrishnan, said this week that wearing one “is the right thing to do” and that a refusal to do so should be seen as socially unacceptable as drink-driving or not wearing a seatbelt.

Perhaps one of the problems has been the changing advice as new evidence emerges. The World Health Organization (WHO) now recommends people wear cloth masks. Ramakrishnan said that in the UK, “the message has not been clear enough, so perhaps people do not really understand the benefits or are not convinced”. It also doesn’t help that the guidance across the UK is different. Continue reading…

The second wave: ‘Thinking this would end was a useful crutch – now it’s been kicked from under us’ | Josephine Tovey

Before the resurgence of cases in Victoria, Australians were filled with a tentative sort of optimism – now comes the hard slog

Right from the beginning of our coronavirus lockdown, I was fixated on the end. As we retreated into our homes and away from almost everyone we knew, I dreamed of a sort of bacchanalian V-day celebration once we made it through this strange and terrifying period apart. We could throw off social distancing protocols, put our arms around each other again and return to some idealised version of the Before Times.

Back then, the curve was soaring, long lines were forming outside Centrelink, police patrolled the local parks, racist attacks against Asian Australians were on the rise, borders were closing around the world and none of us were game to even accept a comforting cuddle from our mums. Continue reading…

Les Garry obituary

My wife, Les Garry, who has died aged 70, was a counsellor and psychotherapist. Recognised as an outstanding practitioner by her peers, she was a senior accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and a supervisor for many other therapists. She helped a great number of people in profound ways, as well as supporting colleagues with her depth of care and experience.

Les had a strong commitment to a person-centred approach and was convinced of people’s ability to know what is right for themselves and to find their own answers if the right conditions are made available to them. In her counselling room overlooking her beloved garden at home, with its magnolia and copper beech trees, she offered a haven in which people received her full and loving attention. She worked with many women who had experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse. Continue reading…

Health expert claims Americans will be wearing masks for several years

Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said in an interview on Monday that he believes Americans will be wearing masks for ‘several years’.

Parklife! When gyms reopen, will anyone go back?

During lockdown, gymgoers have adapted, buying equipment for their homes and exercising outside. But there is one benefit of the gym that can’t be replaced

In a corner of Kennington Park in south London, Joe, 51, and Gary, 46, are doing a workout they have clearly done before. They have long resistance bands, tied to a fence, and are executing a routine of gym classics: squats, lunges and pushups.

Before lockdown, Gary and Joe were your classic gymgoers: they went for the weights, not the classes, four times a week for at least an hour each time, Gary before work, Joe after. They are both very aware of the possibilities for viral transmission in a room full of people whose raison d’être is to breathe heavily and cover everything in sweat. Continue reading…

Coronavirus UK: Big outbreaks inevitable if rules aren’t kept to

Dr David Nabarro, a coronavirus expert at the World Health Organization admitted ‘everybody has got to have fun’ as lockdown rules loosened last weekend but urged people to be careful.

Porridge and muscular relaxation: doctors discuss ways to get sound sleep – archive, 7 July 1954

7 July 1954 Staying awake and complaining about it has become one of the more prevalent hobbies of the British

Glasgow, Tuesday
After their business meeting, when for the most part they discussed how to make money by day, the doctors at the BMA meeting turned their thoughts to the problems of the night in the first of their scientific sessions here to-day. Their subject was sleep, but in this, the main problem appeared not to be that of sleep itself, but of how to get to sleep.

Rapidly it became obvious that staying awake and complaining about it was one of the more prevalent hobbies of the British. Insomnia, said Dr JO McDonagh, of Perth, was now “almost a fashionable disease or state.” And Professor DM Dunlop (Edinburgh) added that 10 per cent of all drugs now prescribed were barbiturates. Continue reading…

Help us crown your NHS hero as explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison, 83, salutes team who saved his life 

Never has there been a time when this campaign is so important. Over the next four weeks, we’re asking you to nominate NHS workers who’ve gone out of their way to care.

UK Government ‘panic bought’ £13.4million worth of Roche’s coronavirus antibody tests

EXCLUSIVE: Professor Jon Deeks, a medical testing expert at the University of Birmingham, told MailOnline PHE’s work was ‘not done in a way to make sure we get the best test’.

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