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NKF to build five new dialysis centres this year

The National Kidney Foundation will build five new dialysis centres this year, thanks to donations from five sponsors amounting to S$10 million.

SINGAPORE: The National Kidney Foundation will build five new dialysis centres this year, thanks to donations from five sponsors.

The donations amounted to S$10 million.

NKF Chairman Koh Poh Tiong announced this at a press conference before the organisation’s Charity Dinner at Resorts World Sentosa on Saturday evening.

Sponsors include The Singapore Buddhist Lodge and the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.

NKF says the donations are a sign of renewed public confidence in the Foundation.

NKF says it needs S$70 million a year to support all its patients, with the amount expected to rise with Singapore’s ageing population.

The new dialysis centres will be located in Yishun, Jurong West, Bendemeer, Bukit Panjang, as well as an undisclosed location in southern Singapore.

These will bring the total number of dialysis centres to 30.

The five new centres have a capacity of about 100 dialysis stations, and are expected to be ready by 2016.

Singapore ranks fifth in the world in terms of incidence of end-stage renal diseases.

The Foundation says it may also have to re-look its current business model, and perhaps build “mega dialysis centres” as more Singaporeans are expected to face kidney failure.

While NKF is grateful for the donations from sponsors, it is also trying to reach out to individual donors – an area which has seen a sharp drop in recent years.

NKF now has about 154,000 donors contributing each month, down from 280,000 before 2005.

NKF CEO Edmund Kwok said: “If you look at our budget this year, every dollar that people donate to us goes to direct patient care.

“Out of the $70 million that we need to run the Foundation this year, only $9 million is for administrative overheads. We’ve pared down whatever we need to, so that our administrative overheads are low.

“That $9m – we are more than able to cover it without recurring incomes, with government grants and all.”

NKF also faces another challenge – preparing for an unprecedented rise in kidney failure cases, due to an ageing population and one that faces a range of chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

It says four new cases are diagnosed every day, but this number could increase to about 20 over time.

Mr Koh said: “If the number of new dialysis patients is going to grow much bigger (than now), we may have to seriously look into our business model. In addition to the 30 (dialysis) centres all over Singapore, we may have to look into a few mega centres. We need to start this.

“I’ve already requested to, say, when you build a new hospital in the future, you give us space (for dialysis) because it’s so difficult to get space, because most of our spaces are in void decks.

“We have to sit down and think and plan. It’s my view that we can’t go on like this. We are so short of doctors. That’s why I’m reaching out to hospitals to help us.”

NKF is expected to play a role beyond just a dialysis operator, to include addressing the disease at an earlier stage.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said: “Besides providing affordable, sustainable and quality renal care for kidney failure patients, NKF also carries out public education and prevention programmes in the community.

“This includes the set up of the Education and Prevention Fund and the Kidney Discovery Centre to reach out to the general public as well as potential patients and their families.”

NKF says the $1.2 million raised from the Charity Dinner on Saturday will kick-start the Education and Prevention Fund.


via NKF to build five new dialysis centres this year – Channel NewsAsia.

10 dialysis machines for NKF

CARING:The machines, worth RM45,000 each, will be distributed to National Kidney Foundation’s dialysis centres in Kedah, Johor and Klang Valley

10 dialysis
(From left) Vivienne Cheng, Goh Seng Chuan and NKF chief executive officer Chua Hong Wee with the machines. Pic by Abdullah Yusof

BERJAYA Cares Foundation recently contributed 10 dialysis machines worth RM45,000 each to the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF).

NKF Malaysia Board of Directors vice-chairman Goh Seng Chuan said that the dialysis machine will be distributed to other centres in Kedah, Johor and the Klang Valley.

“NKF has 1,450 dialysis patients receiving treatment in 25 dialysis centres nationwide currently, and the numbers are growing annually,” said Goh.

Berjaya Corporation Bhd executive director Vivien Cheng said this was the foundation’s way of reaching out  to those in need in communities.

“With four to five thousand new cases in Malaysia, we hope that our contribution to NKF will improve its  ability to cater to the growing number of kidney patients,” said Cheng.

Tang Ah Nyah, 64, a kidney patient, who has been undergoing treatment at an NKF centre for the past six years also expressed his gratitude to the foundation for their contribution which will help to treat more kidney patients.

Zaitun Ahmad, 58, who is also undergoing dialysis at an NKF centre, said the centre helps kidney patients undergo treatment at affordable costs.

“The cost of using a dialysis machine is high.

“In private hospitals, you have to pay at least RM250 per treatment but here we are charged subsidised rates,” said Zaitun.

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NKF goes on road tour to promote organ donation

WITH the support from Volkswagen Beetles Club Malaysia, the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) sent its LifeCheck Mobile Health Screening bus, Direct Debit Donor Programme truck and secretariat cars to selected locations in Johor Baru, Malacca, Seremban and the Klang Valley to promote organ donation, which is the theme for this year’s World Kidney Day celebrations.

In Johor Baru, 342 people attended the free health screening at Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA). The programme was launched by Johor health director Dr Mohd Khairi Yakub, along with HSA consultant nephrologist Dr Hooi Lai Seong and NKF chief executive officer Chua Hong Wee.

Off you go: NKF board of directors chairman Datuk Dr Zaki Morad Mohd Zaher and Chua joined the secretariat staff in flagging off the Volkswagen Beetles convoy.


Supported by about 10 VW Beetles and their owners, the convoy went to Plaza Angsana in the afternoon to reach out to local shoppers.

In Malacca, Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh senior operations manager Tan Yew Aik welcomed NKF and the convoy team to the hospital as he encouraged the public to attend health screening routine. The hospital staff and nephrologists cheered the convoy which flagged off from the hospital to Dataran Pahlawan in a shower of bright confetti and WKD mini flags.

In Seremban, 16 VW Beetles joined the NKF convoy and managed to make heads turn in Seremban town. Health screening counters, health and organ donation exhibitions, games session and children’s colouring contests were organised by Hospital Tuanku Jaafar Seremban, NKF and National Transplant Resource Centre at Seremban Parkson Parade.

The NKF convoy then reached the Klang Valley, where VW Beetles Club members joined the final flag-off to Tropicana City Mall and 1Utama shopping complex.

Shoppers at both malls were given freebies and goodie bags upon signing up as an organ pledger or upon completion of quiz and puzzles related to the campaign’s theme.

The convoy aims to get members of the public to come forward and pledge as an organ donor, and to raise their awareness on the positive outcomes of kidney transplantation to patients with end-stage kidney failure.

All ears: A couple listening to a National Transplant Resource Centre personnel talk about organ donation.


This year’s World Kidney Day theme is, “Donate Kidneys for Life Receive”.

Chua said, “This is one of the ways we reach out to the community to come forward and support our cause. Currently, there are over 15,000 patients in the national waiting list for kidney transplant and we hope our campaign can give hope to these patients suffering from end-stage kidney failure so that their lives can be saved and enriched.”

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Free dental services for NKF patients

SINGAPORE: Needy patients of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) can look forward to free dental service.

The NKF is working with Tzu Chi Foundation to provide the services at the Tzu Chi Free Health Screening and Medical Clinic in Jurong West.

They cover consultations, fillings, extractions, scaling and denture-making.

It is hoped the free dental services will improve the dental condition of older kidney patients who sometimes have trouble eating.

Chairman of the NKF, Mr Gerard Ee, hopes that good dental health will lead to good nutrition.

About half of the NKF’s kidney patients aged 60 and above suffer from malnutrition.

Mr Ee said: “When they’re on dialysis, they need to consume more protein and our patients don’t realise that, sometimes it’s a matter of cost. But we realise that with our ageing population, our patients are older and some of them can’t afford to deal with their dentures, their fillings and things like that. They become malnourished. Luckily for now, we’re able to have the Tzu Chi foundation that is able to provide the free dental for our patients.”

Plans for the free dental service were announced at the official opening of the new Woh Hup-NKF Dialysis Centre at Ghim Moh on Sunday morning.

It is the first time the full cost of a dialysis centre is being sponsored by the main contractor and its sub-contractors.


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