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Old and home alone

Whole-of-nation conversation on successful ageing needed: Health Minister Gan

The Government wants the conversation on ageing to change from worrying about the challenges that come from ageing to celebrating longevity, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said in Parliament on Tuesday (May 27).


SINGAPORE: The Government wants the conversation on ageing to change from worrying about the challenges that come from ageing to celebrating longevity, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said in Parliament on Tuesday (May 27).

The Government will also start a whole-of-nation action plan to “holistically” chart strategies and initiatives to support and enable Singaporeans to achieve successful ageing, he added.

“Moving beyond developing aged care services, the Ministerial Committee on Ageing will coordinate a whole-of-nation effort to put together a coherent national agenda to prepare our population for successful ageing,” said Mr Gan.

The plan will cover seven diverse areas – lifelong learning for senior, employment, volunteerism, urban infrastructure, healthcare, retirement adequacy and research into ageing.

“Ageing is a conversation that involves all of us. It is a conversation not just among the old, but also with the young,” Mr Gan said.

From the middle of this year, the Ministerial Committee of Ageing will hold a series of public consultations including voluntary welfare organisations and educational institutions to hear the aspirations and suggestions on a collective plan for successful ageing for seniors and younger Singaporeans, in time to come.

The committee will also seek feedback from unions, employers and human resource practitioners on how the talents and growth opportunities of an older workforce can be tapped on. Professionals such as architects, IT experts and urban and transport planners, will be consulted on how to build an intelligent city for all ages

“We will turn longevity into our advantage. We will work together to forge an action plan to make Singapore a Nation of All Ages.” Mr Gan said. “This will be the best tribute to our pioneers and the best gift to the next generation of Singaporeans.

The action plan is expected to be ready by next year.

via Whole-of-nation conversation on successful ageing needed: Health Minister Gan – Channel NewsAsia.

Japanese women fall behind Hong Kong in longevity

Elderly Japanese women whose homes were destroyed in last year's tsunami at a temporary housing site on 6 March, 2012 in Minamisanriku, Japan
The March 2011 earthquake and tsunami contributed to pushing life expectancy figures down

Japanese women have fallen behind Hong Kong in global life expectancy rankings for the first time in 25 years.

This was partly due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in March 2011, said an annual report by Japan’s health ministry.

The expected lifespan for Japanese women dropped from 86.30 years in 2010 to to 85.90 years in 2011.

The official life expectancy for women in Hong Kong last year was 86.70 years.

Japan has topped the women’s rankings for a quarter of a century, with longevity attributed in part to a healthy traditional diet.

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that left more than 20,000 dead or missing pushed the life expectancy down.

However the report noted that even without the disaster Japanese women would still have dropped behind Hong Kong in the statistics.

Other factors contributing to the dip included a rise in the number of suicides among Japanese women, disease and other natural death causes, the report said.

The life expectancy for men in Japan also declined from 79.55 in 2010 to 79.44 last year.

The men dropped from fourth place in 2010 to eighth last year in the global life expectancy ranking, said Japan’s Kyodo news agency.


Which nationalities live the longest?


SINGAPORE – According to an internationally renowned source of global statistics, Singapore ranks fourth in longevity, with citizens living an average of 83.75 years.

The latest 2011 figures were part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s latest update to its Word Factbook – an official reference resource updated weekly for the use of US government officials.

According to the resource, Singaporean men live an average of 81.47 years, while women top that at 86.2 years of age.

Far ahead of the average global life expectancy of 67.59 years of age, the new ranking is a significantly jump from its 2011 ranking of seventh place. In August last year, the Factbook listed Singapore’s average life expectancy to be 82.14 years of age.

The island state narrowly beat out countries like San Marino, which ranked fifth place at 83.07 years, and Andorra, ranking sixth place at 82.50 years.

Both countries ranked above Singapore last year.

However, it lost out to the Mediterranean country of Monaco, which took top spot as the country with the best conditions to live to a ripe old age with an average lifespan of 89.73.

It was followed closely by Macau and Japan, with average lifespans of 89.68 years and 84.43 respectively.

Other notable entries include Hong Kong, ranked eighth (82.12 years), and Australia, ranked ninth (81.90 years).

The information is compiled through CIA combing through death certificates, recording race, gender, cause of death and other factors to estimate the life expectancy of a nation’s entire population, reported Huffington Post.

These relatively low profile countries beat healthcare advancement heavyweights such as the US, who came in at a dismal 50th position out of the 221 countries censused.

The Republic of Chad, a landlocked country in Central Africa, came in last in life expectancy, with its people living just 48.69 years.

Singapore’s ranking comes in the footsteps of the Government pledging to up its healthcare spending from $4 billion to $8 billion over the next five years.

Among the plans announced during Budget this year were moves to double the capacity of long-term care services, raise healthcare subsidy amounts and ease subsidy eligibly requirements to allow more Singaporeans to get healthcare help.

Just last week, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong promised to keep healthcare affordable, and said that nobody will be denied access to help regarding their health in a dialogue session with the public.

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