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Liow: Two trainees at Intan centre down with H1N1

Liow exhibiting his skipping skills at the Skip For Health function
Liow exhibiting his skipping skills at the Skip For Health function
KUALA LUMPUR: Two administrative and diplomatic officer (PTD) trainees were found to be infected with the H1N1 virus at the Intan training facility in Ipoh.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said they have been isolated and their progress monitored.

“We found that out of the 109 trainees at the centre, 52 were suffering from mild cough and fever but they do not have H1N1.

“There is no outbreak, it is just within this particular group and I ensure that action was taken so that no outbreak occurs,” Liow told reporters after officiating a Skipping For Health function here.

Liow urged people to be wary of their health and cleanliness to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

“H1N1 is always in the country. Please wash your hands and if you have cough or fever, don’t mix with others and wear a mask,” he said.

He added that Malaysians planning to travel to cold countries should get vaccinated as the weather could make them vulnerable to diseases.

The Star

Two die from H1N1 flu in China

Two Chinese women have died from the H1N1 flu strain in Beijing in the past 10 days
Two Chinese women have died from the H1N1 flu strain in Beijing in the past 10 days

Two Chinese women have died from the H1N1 flu strain in Beijing in the past ten days, the first reported deaths from the virus in China’s capital since 2010.

A 65-year-old cancer patient died on Friday and a 22-year-old migrant worker died on 27 December, the Beijing Daily said on its website.

Flu cases in Beijing are at their highest level in five years and the H1N1 strain has become the most dominant, the centre’s director Deng Ying said.

The rise in cases corresponds with weeks of record low temperatures in Beijing and across much of China.

H1N1 is a swine flu virus responsible for a pandemic that broke out in 2009, starting in the United States and Mexico and spreading around the world in six weeks.

Initial World Health Organisation estimates put the number of deaths from that global outbreak at around 18,500, but a study published last June said the death toll was likely to have been between 284,500 and 579,000 people.







“她(死者)7月27日回來芙蓉,當時她已發燒,父親過後帶她到芙蓉端姑查化醫院求診,醫生卻 指她是普通發燒,僅給予一些藥物。"杜拉絲表示,妹妹於7月28日又送醫及入住普通病房,後在7月30日病情惡化被送至加護病房,在8月3日醫生證實是感 染了A(H1N1)型流感,後於8月9日下午3時40分逝世。



謝琪清指出,他將於下週聯絡森州衛生局長拿督再蘭反映此事,並要求她向死者家屬道歉,“死者過 世後,家屬承受莫大哀傷,在辦完喪事13天後,卻又傳出死者死於A(H1N1)型流感報導,這對準備重新展開生活的家屬又是另一項打擊,也造成更多困 擾。"古拿也質疑2名醫生先後為死者求診時,各有不同說法,一名醫生指屬輕微發燒,另一醫生則說病情嚴重,“我促請森州衛生局局長親自登門向死者家屬道 歉。"








D-G: Woman died of pneumonia, not H1N1

PETALING JAYA: The death of a woman at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban early this month was due to pneumonia although she was infected by the A(H1N1) virus, Health director-general Datuk Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman said.

“A mortality review by medical experts has found the cause of death to be severe bacterial pneumonia,” he said in a statement here yesterday, responding to reports that the 27-year-old patient was the country’s first A(H1N1) influenza-related fatality this year.

“Although the victim had been infected by the virus, it was not the direct cause of her death,” said Dr Hasan.

The woman, who worked in Singapore, had fallen ill while still in the republic.

It is learnt her family had asked her to return home after several days of suffering from fever.

Dr Hasan said the victim was diagnosed with pneumonia after she showed symptoms of fever, cough, chest pains and breathing difficulties.

On July 31, she tested positive for A(H1N1).

“She received anti-viral treatment in the intensive care unit but her condition showed no improvement. She died at 3.40pm on Aug 9,” Dr Hasan said, reminding those with symptoms of influenza-like illnesses to rest at home and not to frequent public areas.

“Those in high-risk groups such as senior citizens and pregnant women should visit the nearest clinic if they experience any of these symptoms,” he said.

Meanwhile, a member of the press corps was discharged from hospital after contracting A(H1N1).

The Star

21 National Service trainees down with H1N1

ON ALERT: Dept monitoring Kuala Nerang camp

ALOR STAR: TWENTY-ONE trainees at the Dusun Resort National Service Training Camp in Kuala Nerang, near here,   were admitted to  hospital after checks confirmed that they had contracted the Influenza A (H1N1) virus.

State Health director Dr Ismail Abu Taat said yesterday they were among 70 others who were rushed to the hospital three days ago after complaining of influenza-like symptoms.

“Until now, 15 of them are still warded and are responding well to treatment. The Health Department will continue to monitor the six trainees who have been discharged.”

Following the incident, Dr Ismail said the Health Department was monitoring the condition in the camp. He said trainees with flu symptoms were ordered to wear face masks and quarantined.

Dr Ismail told the people not to panic as the situation was under control. “However, people should take precautions. Go to the nearest hospital if you have the flu.”

Meanwhile, the ward where the trainees were admitted had been sealed off to visitors.

A trainee at the National Service camp claimed that activities were still being carried out. He said all trainees were required to wear face masks.

“We are also asked to wash our hands before and after the activities. Ten of my friends have been quarantined in a dormitory.”

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流感高企 疑因H3變種

【明報專訊】天氣酷熱但流感仍持續高企。監測系統監察每周流感發現,公共衛生檢測中心每周檢測出的流感病毒數目,由4 月14日的一周199宗,升至本月12日的一周共442宗,顯示流感活躍程度維持高水平,病毒分析指甲型流感H3N2佔88.1%。學者懷疑H3基因出現 變種,減低市民抵抗流感的防衛。

防護中心表示,乙型流感病毒佔個案10.8%,甲型流感H1N1(2009)病毒只佔0.8%。中文大學內 科及藥物治療學系教授李禮舜指出,H3N2甲型流感病毒在抗原位置出現小型變種,估計因H3基因出現變種,令市民對流感抵抗力減低。他又懷疑現時使用的流 感疫苗保護力不足以對抗變異的H3病毒,中大正研究了解病毒變異對疫苗保護能力的影響。





H1N1新流感 南印新增死亡案例


撰稿‧編輯:黃啟霖   新聞引據: 中央社

印度南部坦米爾那都省(Tamil Nadu)也傳出疑似H1N1新型流感死亡案例,衛生當局不敢輕忽,除了嚴密監督遺體火化,也對死者家屬預防性投用「克流感」,但是他們強調,並沒有爆發H1N1疫情大流行。

印度時報(The Times of India)網站今天(2日)報導,75歲居民恭德(C. Kandasamy Gounder)昨天深夜因H1N1新型流感,死於南印度坦米爾那都省第二大城孔巴托(Coimbatore)。


新德里電視台報導,過去幾天,坦省省會清奈(Chennai)市公立醫院國王研究所(King Institute)門診部門,也曾通報4例兒童感染案例。這起死亡案例令人憂心新型流感已經在當地流行。

印度衛生與家庭福利部3月下旬公布統計指出,3月初以來,馬哈拉什特拉省、拉吉斯坦省,以及南印安德拉普拉德斯省(Andhra Pradesh)和卡納塔卡省(Karnataka),已經有12人死於H1N1新型流感,另有近110人感染。


原文出处: 中央社

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