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Fewer retrovirus cases in Perak

IPOH: The continuous decline in the number of new acute gastroenteritis (AGE) cases in Perak means the end to the outbreak is near.

Yesterday, only 59 new cases were detected in the Hilir Perak and Batang Padang districts, bringing the cumulative suspected AGE cases to 3,823 since the outbreak was first detected.
Commenting on the latest figure, state Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said the outbreak was probably coming to an end.
“The significant decline (in the number of new cases) from day to day is a good sign that the outbreak is most probably coming to an end. However, we will continue to take all the necessary precautions to prevent a recurrence of the outbreak in future.”

Dr Mah said the public should also learn a valuable lesson from the outbreak — to continuously practice good hygiene.


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188 new cases of AGE


Greater public awareness leads to rise in reported cases

IPOH: ANOTHER 188 new cases of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) were reported in Tapah and Sungai Batang Padang Batu 10 yesterday, bringing the total to 3,444 suspected cases  since the outbreak was detected late last month.

Perak Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said the rising number of cases was due to higher awareness among the public.

“More people are coming forward to seek treatment after knowing about the symptoms of AGE.

“This is a good sign as they can be advised on the best course of treatment.”

He said six people were admitted and 13 were discharged in Hilir Perak yesterday, while in Batang Padang, three were admitted and eight others were discharged.

He said 59 patients out of 94 suspected AGE cases tested positive for rotavirus, while 10 cases were negative and the rest were still pending.

Two infants, aged 2 months and 10 months respectively, died in Hilir Perak on Feb 10 of suspected rotavirus infection which causes AGE.

To date, only 15 patients are still receiving treatment for AGE at hospitals in both the districts.

Dr Mah said those diagnosed with AGE would  recover on their own if  they kept their bodies’  electrolites balanced and hydrated.

He also advised the public to maintain good personal hygiene, especially after going to the toilet and to consume well-cooked food.

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Health Ministry wants private hospitals and clinics to report AGE cases

PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has instructed private hospitals and clinics to report acute gastroenteritis (AGE) cases.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abduk Rashid Shirlin said they should report the cases to district health departments or face action by the ministry.

More than 2800 cases of AGE had been reported in Batang Padang and Hilir Perak districts since the outbreak on Jan 27.

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The Star

251 new AGE cases reported

Learning to stay healthy: A staff of Tadika St Mary Gamaganah Murugansan (left) teaching six-year-old children how to wash hands as a way of protecting themselves from sickness.


IPOH: Another 251 new cases of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) have been reported in the Batang Padang and Hilir Perak districts, with 15 more patients warded at the Tapah and Teluk Intan hospitals.


State Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said 180 of the cases were recorded in Hilir Perak and the remaining 71 cases in Batang Padang.


“As of Feb 14, the total number of cases has reached 3,068. Since the start of the outbreak on Jan 27, there have been 1,990 cases reported in Hilir Perak and 1,078 cases in Batang Padang,” he said in a statement yesterday.


Dr Mah said all patients were in stable condition and no new deaths were reported.


He added that nine patients were discharged from both hospitals yesterday.


On another matter, Dr Mah said Pangkor Island had nothing to do with the recent outbreak of chikungunya fever in Kuang, Selangor, where 22 students and lecturers from a private college tested positive for the disease.


He said checks by the health authorities had found no traces of chikungunya at all resorts on the island.


He said although the students and lecturers tested positive upon returning from a course at a resort in Teluk Nipah, there was no evidence to show that they had actually contracted the disease during their stay on the island.


“As of now, there are no chikungunya cases recorded in the state. They may have contracted the disease elsewhere,” Dr Mah said yesterday.


Chikungunya is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito which also spreads dengue fever.


Among the symptoms shown by patients with chikungunya are fever, cough, head and body aches as well as joint pains.


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AGE outbreak confined to two districts

The Star/Asia News Network
Monday, Feb 13, 2012

IPOH – The acute gastroenteritis (AGE) outbreak in Perak is confined to two districts.


State Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said the outbreak was still contained within the Tapah, Bidor, Langkap, Teluk Intan, Hutan Melintang and Bagan Datoh areas, which are in Batang Padang and Hilir Perak districts.


He added that 2,686 cases were reported as of 8am yesterday.


“The rotavirus (which causes AGE) is not airborne. It is transmitted through faecal contact on surfaces, contaminated hands, furniture and objects like toys.


“Therefore, personal hygiene, such as washing your hands after going to the toilet, is important.


“Boil drinking water although it is filtered,” he said yesterday.


The rotavirus infection, which also causes vomiting, fever and dehydration, caused the death of two infants and the outbreak of more than 2,200 AGE cases in the two districts over the last two weeks.


According to the Health Ministry’s National Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC), 94 new cases were reported in Hilir Perak and 48 in Batang Padang.


Fifteen patients were warded at the Teluk Intan Hospital and seven at Tapah.


Dr Mah also said there was no need to shut down kindergartens in the two districts as long as the operators ensured that the children observed personal hygiene.


Perak health director Datuk Dr Ahmad Razin Ahmad Mahir said those showing signs of diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, fever, headache and appetite loss should seek immediate treatment.


Meanwhile, a consultant paediatrician at a private hospital here, Dr David Manickam, said AGE would not lead to deaths but the recent fatalities reported were due to dehydration.


He advised parents of young children to be on the lookout for youngsters who refused to drink, were not active, not passing urine, tired and having dry lips and tongue.


“Look also for sunken eyes or fontanel (soft spots on a baby’s head),” he added.


Dr Manickam said parents should encourage their children to eat porridge, drink water or isotonic drinks.


He added that parents should also bring their children for follow-up treatment two days after the initial treatment if the child’s health did not improve.

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Rotavirus source in water supply yet to be found

13 February 2012 | Last updated at 03:14AM

ANOTHER 142 new acute gastroenteritis (AGE) cases were detected in the Batang Padang and Hilir Perak districts yesterday, bringing the total number of suspected cases to 2,686 since late last month.


State Health Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said 94 of the cases were in Hilir Perak and the rest in Batang Padang.
Of the cases, eight people had been admitted to a hospital in Hilir Perak and another six in Batang Padang Hospital. The patients included children and adults.
 However, no new death has been reported.
 The AGE cases were said to be caused by the water-borne rotavirus, which brings about severe diarrhoea and vomiting.
Since it was first detected, two infants, aged 2 and 10 months, have died.
Dr Mah said the 17 people, who were admitted to hospital with AGE earlier, had been discharged.
He assured the public that the situation was under control and the state government and Health Ministry had taken measures to stop it from becoming wide-spread.
“The cases have been contained in the two districts.
“Samples have been collected from various water inlets at the Bukit Temoh (Tapah) and Changkat Jong (Teluk Intan) dams.
 “We hope to identify the cause of the rotavirus contamination soon,” he said.
It was reported on Sunday that the majority of those affected were children in areas close to a water treatment plant that supplied water to the two districts.
Investigations showed that  rotavirus had polluted  the water.
Dr Mah again reminded the public to maintain personal hygiene, to boil their drinking water and  ensure food was thoroughly cooked before consuming it.
He added that filtered water needed to be boiled as the virus was able to pass through water filters.
“If these precautionary measures are heeded, new cases can be prevented.”
Dr Mah said rotavirus was normally present in stable concentrations in a natural environment and could also be found in the faeces of birds, cows and humans.
“There is no evidence of a large-scale pollution, but we have yet to pin-point the source of the rotavirus in the water supply.”
 The public are advised to immediately seek treatment at the nearest clinic  or hospital if they have any of the AGE symptoms, such as fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, stomach ache, headache and loss of appetite.
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