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Eat before visiting

Festive celebrations can be hectic and take a toll on our overall health. Sushma Veera offers some prudent tips for the weekend ahead.

Eat before visiting

1 – Eat something healthy before you leave home. It will not only stop you from eating excessively oily food later but also stop you from overeating at homes you’re visiting.

Manage your indigestion

2 – Don’t rush to finish your food. Take your time and chew each mouthful properly to combat indigestion. Rich foods, eating on-the-go and festive stress can all be overwhelming for your digestive system, and that means you pile on the calories. Stick to protein-rich snacks such as peanuts, rather than bread-based ones to prevent feeling bloated.

Rehydrate before bed

3 – Drink plenty of water. Hot weather can dehydrate you if your fluid intake is not adequate or too many caffeinated drinks are consumed without replacing the fluids lost. Always keep a water bottle with you — either in your car, handbag or in the living room. Seeing it will constantly remind you to drink up.

Remove your makeup

4 – No matter how tired you are, never neglect your skin. Be sure to remove makeup as it gives your skin a chance to rest, breathe and repair. Use a good skin cleanser to gently remove dirt, excess oil and make-up.

Sleep well

5 – Prioritise quality sleep by relaxing before bedtime. Lack of sleep can actually increase appetite and cravings so aim to go to bed by 10pm and enjoy eight hours of restorative sleep. Set aside some time in which you can lounge around with a good book, or soak in a lavender bubble bath.

De-puff your eyes

6 – Late nights will take a toll on your eyes. Cut a cold cucumber and put two slices on your eyelids. Keep them on for a couple of minutes — it helps to ease skin inflammation and irritation as well as reduce water retention.

Don’t neglect your feet

7 – During this festive season, people will be on their feet for extended periods. Don’t let sore, achy feet ruin your festive celebration. Show your feet some love by applying a good moisturiser to prevent blisters. If you want to wear high heels, invest in gel cushions.


8 – Exercise will make you feel better. It’s the best way to relieve stress and boost your energy. If possible, go for an evening walk in the neighbourhood or play some backyard game in between feasting.

Manage your stress

9 – So there’s cooking, shopping, cleaning and some office work pending. Set your priorities  and eliminate superfluous activities. At home, try to delegate errands among family members.

Protection from the sun

10 – Sun exposure provides vitamin D but overexposure to UV radiation can also have adverse health effects. Make it a habit to wear sunscreen. If you are going to be outdoors for a long period of time, wear protective clothing. Wear a shade and be sure to carry an umbrella.

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