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The former health minister urges the Malaysian Medical Council to make its visit report to the Ukrainian university public to allay concerns on CSMU’s deregistration.


PETALING JAYA: Former health minister Liow Tiong Lai today urged the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to make its findings on Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) public to ally public concerns.

“MMC must make its findings public on why it made a decision to derecognise CSMU,” he told FMT today.

CSMU, a Ukrainian-based medical university, was derecognised in 2005 but MMC failed to make public on the reasons behind its decision.

Former MIC president S Samy Vellu had accused MMC of being racially motivated in its decision as the majority of students enrolled from Malaysia in CSMU were Indians.

Due to increasing public pressure with the support of some NGOs, MMC decided to revisit the university in October 2012 but to date, the government agency has not made its findings public.

On why CSMU was derecognised in the first place, Liow defended MMC, saying the medical body made a professional decision on the matter.

“It was deregistered in 2005 because CSMU did not perform to MMC’s requirements. The latter made another visit during my tenure but the university still failed to meet the standards.

“So MMC made a professional decision and I urge all quarters to respect it,” said the MCA deputy president.

CSMU is a prominent university in Europe where more than 60 medical councils and boards have recognised its quality.

The derecognition of the university has put many Malaysian medical students in a lurch as they are unable to practice locally with their CSMU degree. Even a temporary solution for them to sit for a local certification has been suspended.

via Make CSMU findings public, Liow tells MMC | Free Malaysia Today.


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