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Janice Heng
The Straits Times
Friday, Sep 28, 2012

A nice place to take a nap is what Singaporean professionals desire most in the office, according to a survey by professional networking site LinkedIn.

More than a third of the 384 participants in the online poll said their dream future office includes “a quiet place… where they’re allowed to take a nap”.

Singaporeans were among the 7,000 professionals who were surveyed in 18 countries. Overall, fewer than one in four of the 7,000 wanted a spot for dozing.

The LinkedIn study, done in July and whose findings were released yesterday, asked respondents to choose one of four dream office perks: a place to nap, a clone or assistant to help one through the workday, a place with sunlight or a mute button for co-workers.

The top choice globally was a clone, but only 22 per cent of Singaporeans cared for one.

Slightly more – 23 per cent – wanted a spot in the office with natural sunlight, while the mute-button option got only 14 per cent of the votes in Singapore.

Survey participants could also come up with their own wish list, with Singaporean responses ranging from a good office pantry to better air-conditioning temperature control to a teleportation machine.

The LinkedIn survey also asked which office tools or trends might be extinct by 2017. Tape recorders and fax machines were voted most likely to go by Singaporeans.

They also felt that standard working hours would soon be a thing of the past. Also bound for the scrap heap: a Rolodex – an organiser for business cards, desktop PCs and desk phones.

What might be the next big thing?

For Singaporean professionals, it was cloud storage, where files are stored in a virtual space rather than in a computer’s hard drive.

The Straits Times

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