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SINGAPORE: Needy patients of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) can look forward to free dental service.

The NKF is working with Tzu Chi Foundation to provide the services at the Tzu Chi Free Health Screening and Medical Clinic in Jurong West.

They cover consultations, fillings, extractions, scaling and denture-making.

It is hoped the free dental services will improve the dental condition of older kidney patients who sometimes have trouble eating.

Chairman of the NKF, Mr Gerard Ee, hopes that good dental health will lead to good nutrition.

About half of the NKF’s kidney patients aged 60 and above suffer from malnutrition.

Mr Ee said: “When they’re on dialysis, they need to consume more protein and our patients don’t realise that, sometimes it’s a matter of cost. But we realise that with our ageing population, our patients are older and some of them can’t afford to deal with their dentures, their fillings and things like that. They become malnourished. Luckily for now, we’re able to have the Tzu Chi foundation that is able to provide the free dental for our patients.”

Plans for the free dental service were announced at the official opening of the new Woh Hup-NKF Dialysis Centre at Ghim Moh on Sunday morning.

It is the first time the full cost of a dialysis centre is being sponsored by the main contractor and its sub-contractors.


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